Big Companies Making Sustainability a Goal

According to US News, Walmart and Target will be making sustainability a part of their brands.  Walmart will have a line of organic food, with prices similar to their normal food prices.  The line has over 100 items and is a gigantic step into getting organic, sustainable foods to be a regular part of our grocery stores.  Sustainable foods sometimes carry financial burdens, so when large companies take on this potential burden it helps everyone.  Small farmers can potentially sell their sustainable crops to Walmart, while not having to take on the potential losses by selling fewer crops at higher prices.  However, this also could create a burden for small farmers in the sense that Walmart bullies them out of the market.  Walmart and Target are known for being able to corner any market by selling at low prices, so if a farmer uses sustainable methods and crops then he won’t be able to sell his crops at any price other than these corporations.  This means that he may have to be willing to accept less money from Walmart or Target for his crops because he will be unable to sell his food in the market for his target prices.  This step taken by Walmart and Target is a great step in making sustainability a part of our country, where crops do not ruin soil and can be farmed for generations.  However, this step may also cause the same problems that Walmart and Target caused when they first entered the market, which is taking out smaller businesses.  And those businesses that did not fail, usually end up being a part of the Walmart family.  We will not know the consequences of this move, but hopefully it will help everyone in the long run.  The article states that the companies are just responding to consumer demand and expectations, which is fine and dandy, but I think that they may view themselves as large enough to change the prices of sustainable and organic foods.  Thus allowing themselves to corner a new market and make more money, while seeming to be a pioneer at the same time.