Appearance vs. Reality

A recent trend I have noticed in the past few months on the internet is comparing the fast food we see in advertisements, to that which we actually receive at the restaurants.  The first thing I found surprising about this trend is that it took this many years for it start.  The internet has been around long enough that this could have been done to show the general public side-by-side comparisons of what they are told they buying, and what they actually receive.  While I, and I assume pretty much everyone else, have been very disappointed with how my food compared to that in the ads and on the menus, I never really could tell how far off it was since I never saw it AvR2side by side.  These internet articles have done just that for me.  They use higher quality photography equipment than your average American would own to take pictures of the food they received at fast food restaurants, and stick it right next to the pictures from the ads.  The images are actually quite startling.  I knew these companies were lying to my face, but I never knew it was this bad.  This video from McDonald’s explains why the food looks so much better in the advertisement, and while they do do a good job of explaining it, it still seems lacking.  I find it hard to believe that there must be such a huge difference between what you see an what you get.  Sure it’s nice getting your food in five minutes, but sometimes I think I’d rather have it take just a little longer, so that my food is a little bit tidier when I sit down to enjoy it.