Antibiotics in Farming

Last week in class, I felt uneasy about the idea that my meat is often contaminated with antibiotics. Americans, feeling safe in our liberty, often assume that the products they consume are safe; and they should since citizens ought to be entitled to living well. And I have had enough experience with antibiotics to know that while Penicillin might be useful sometimes, the overuse of antibiotics is detrimental to human (and animal) immune system.


As a kid I went through a variety of health problems, causing me to take a numerous antibiotics. After a while, infections grow resistant to the medicine, morphing into a more and more untreatable problem. What the antibiotic use produced is a malfunctioning immune system: I would be sick almost every day. So in this sense I have some reason to be disdainful and distrusting of the food industries’ use of antibiotics in their animals. Here are some of the widespread consequences to its use:

-Animal waste often seeps into human water and food supplies, and along with the antibiotics, the waste often has lots of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

-Antibiotic resistance is incredibly expensive

-“The National Academy of Sciences calculates that increased health care costs associated with antibiotic-resistant bacteria exceed $4 billion each year in the United States alone—a figure that reflects the price of pharmaceuticals and longer hospital stays, but does not account for lost workdays, lost productivity or human suffering” (