Athlete’s Body

As I was reading Bordo’s article, I reflected on her analysis of the rise of athletic female icons. I agree whole-heartedly that female athletes are becoming more and more popular, and I also agree that as they are becoming more popular, many females are trying to live up to that body image. Athletes are no longer slim framed with tiny frames. The media and society has made the image of the toned and muscular athlete into something to be sought after and revered. This is coming right after the era of being incredibly skinny was highly revered. Although the toned look is now “in”, there are still some that choose to seek ways to become skinnier. In some ways, the switch to a more toned body is better (moving away from “skinny is sexy”), but it also adds extra pressure to athletes that have to live up to that standard. Some women will work day and night for that perfect athlete body, but many of them will not be able to get or maintain that body. The search for the perfect body, whether it be super toned or incredibly skinny,  is always going to end in failure because there is no such thing as a perfect body. The media tricks the masses, and many of us fall for it.